Cam Hellas Company – Manufacturing Company Of Amusement Machines

Welcome to CAM Hellas

Cam Hellas Company, founded by  Mr. Tzelepis  Apostolos  in 1982 in Thessaloniki, has a dominant presence in the amusement industry untill today as it has been the unique manufacturing company of amusement machines in Greece. It is a family company, which manufactures, trades, imports and exports mostly to Balkan countries coin-operated kiddie rides, crane machines, sport machines, vending machines, carousels and trains, machines for amusement parks, inflatables for outdoor and indoor playgrounds, etc. Our machines target both children and adults.

Our good reputation depends upon the high quality and safety of our amusement machines as well as the reasonable prices and the immense customer service. Our reliability and consistency are proved by our wide customers’ network all around Greece. We especially focus to the after-sales-service as our well-trained technical staff is always at your disposal to solve any of your technical issues.

Cam Hellas Company during its long-term route has succeeded in preserving unspoiled its corporate culture , which includes the following values:













Products of high quality and safety

Our main concern is children to have safe fun. Our aim is to offer to our customers highly qualitative and safe machines. For this reason, we check all the time the quality of the raw materials we use in our production procedures. After a constant presence of 35 years in the amusement machine industry now we are at the pleasant position to be able to provide our customers with long-term guarantees for the quality of the materials and colors we use, the electrical and electronical parts of our machines as well as the individual safety mechanisms for the avoidance of any possible injuries or accidents.


Our company is especially sensitive to issues regarding the protection of the environment. We apply friendly environmentally production procedures and we use exclusively ecological, not-toxic materials and colors.

Corporate Culture - Partners

Our corporate culture relies on the main values and theories of Business Administration. We are oriented toward Greek market. Since 1982 we have been cooperating at 90% with Greek companies and only 10% with foreign corporations. Our long-term relationships with our partners depend on mutual trust, respect and appreciation.

Unique manufacturing company of amusement machines all around Greece!

*Special polyester constructions*