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Terms of use


1. INTRODUCTION is the official website of Cam Hellas Company. Access and use of the present website is subject to the following Terms of Use and all the applicable laws of the Greek legislation as well as the Regulations of  the European Union. The consumer accepts the Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy, the Personal Data Protection Regulations by accessing and using the present website. The consumer consents to the following Terms of Use, which are valid for the whole content of the website, the pages, the graphics, the pictures, the photos, the products and the archives of Cam Hellas Company. The consumer  has to read carefully those Terms of Use before he/she visits or uses the present website and before he/she purchases any merchandise and products of Cam Hellas Company. Cam Hellas Company is able to review the above mentioned Terms of Use and the Personal Data Protection Regulations by altering the present text without any notice. Those revisions are binding, so, the consumer should visit this website periodically to check the Terms of Use and make sure that nothing has changed.

If the consumer remains to the website, that means that he/she accepts the above Terms of Use. If the Terms of Use are not acceptable by your side, please kindly leave the present website immediately.



  1. The present website and its whole content (the text, the design, the names, the discreet features, the logos, the graphics, the icons and the pictures of the products and merchandise) form the Cam Hellas Company’s copyright. The consumer cannot use any “Content” without the former written permission of Cam Hellas Company. Any reproduction, republication, upload, announcement, dissemination, transmission or any other use of the “Content” in any way or for trade reasons or other goals is allowed only after the written permission of Cam Hellas Company. Otherwise, Cam Hellas Company declares that it will make use of all the Greek and Communal judicial means about copyright.
  2. The consumer cannot copy, re-produce, republish, transmit to a server, send, announce, deliver or use this website in order to create derivative projects. The consumer has no right to “mirror” the website’s contents to another website. The consumer recognizes that the present website contains original projects and that it has been developed, formed, prepared, revised, chosen and organized by us after we have spent valuable time, effort and a great amount of money.



Cam Hellas Company will use all the personal information and data (your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address), which you send either via e-mail or via the website’s contact form or via any other way (e.g by post, by call or by fax) according to the Personal Data Protection Regulations of the present website.



Cam Hellas Company is able to make changes at any time without any previous notice. However, Cam Hellas Company is not bound by the frequent renewal of the website’s information. In addition, Cam Hellas Company does not guarantee that the present website will function properly all the time, that any possible deficiencies will be revised periodically and that it will always be compatible with the consumer’s server and software.



The consumer is responsible for the way he uses the present website. Cam Hellas Company has no responsibility for any immediate, implicit, moral, positive or any other kind of damage that might derive from the use of the present website and its content. If the consumer is dissatisfied with the content of the present website, he should stop using it. The consumer should not take decisions depending exclusively on the content of this website.



Cam Hellas Company both manufactures and imports amusement machines. Our company is bound to the fullness and the validity of the information that this website contains about its merchandise and products. There is only one exception in cases of technical and typographic mistakes. All the imported amusement machines are certified by Ce Document according to the European Union’s Requirements.



  1. ORDER PLACEMENT: Our company’s working hours are daily (From Monday to Friday) from 09.00 am to 17.00 pm. You can place your order either by calling at 0030-2310-681295, or by sending an e-mail to or by visiting our factory facilities in Thessaloniki. Cam Hellas Company has no e-shop. So, you cannot place an e-order. You can use the available contact form of our website to come in contact with our staff but you cannot place an order and purchase any product via this way.
  2. TRANSPORTATION: We send the goods according to our customer’s desire (by truck, a courier company or by post). We are obliged to provide the transport company with your personal data such as your full name, telephone number and your address in order to achieve a successful delivery of the goods at your place-final destination. The customer has to pay the carriage costs and he/she is totally responsible for the safe transportation of the merchandise, the loading and unloading of the goods. Our company is not liable in cases of loss or destruction of the transferred goods.
  3. DELIVERY TIME: We deliver the goods within 1-6 working days (From Monday to Friday) after the customer has placed his/her order. Delivery time depends on the availability of the stock quantity at that time. On special occasions such as bad weather conditions or strikes the delivery time might be extended. Then, Cam Hellas Company will contact and inform the buyer about the new delivery time. Cam Hellas Company is not responsible for any delay due to force majeure (e.g strikes, lock-out, transport delays, fires or floods). Cam Hellas Company will send the ordered products after the payment of the printed invoices. It has the right to postpone or not to carry out an order in cases of force majeure (e.g strikes), stock shortage and overwork.
  4. PAYMENT TERMS: You can pay either via deposit to our corporate bank account or via internet web banking. After you have deposited the amount due to our bank account, you need to inform us about the transaction data either by a call or by an e-mail. The customer bears the cost of the bank commissions.
  5. RETURN POLICY: Return of goods can take place only after the customer has previously come in contact with Cam Hellas Company. If the returned goods are somehow destroyed or deficient, Cam Hellas Company retains the right to demand for a compensation from the customer. If you need more information about the return policy, please kindly call at 0030-2310-681295 (from Monday to Friday from 09.00 am to 17.00 pm) or send an e-mail to



The contained in the present website goods and merchandise might not be always available for sale. Cam Hellas Company is responsible to inform the customer either by a call or an e-mail about all the valid offers and the availability of each item. If the customer is interested in purchasing an item which is not available at that time, Cam Hellas Company will automatically inform him/her about the new estimated delivery time. In case of any extra delay, Cam Hellas Company will update him/her about the whole procedure during the whole time.



All the mentioned prices in the present website are available in euro currency (€) and do not include V.A.T 24%. At the same time, they might change at any time without any previous warning. Cam Hellas Company retains the right to choose freely the goods that will promote via its website as well as to change, renew or withdraw them without any notice. If the customer places an order at a fixed price and afterwards this price has been changed, the customer will receive the ordered item at the price that was valid at the time of the order placement.



You can come in contact with Cam Hellas Company using the following ways:

  1. By a call at 0030-2310-681295
  2. By a fax at 0030-2310-681749
  3. By an e-mail to
  4. By post to : 8KM Thessaloniki-Lagada Rd., 56000, PO.BOX 40291, Stavroupoli, Thessaloniki, Greece



The Use of this website and the Terms of Use follow the Greek Laws. If any arguments arise, the Greek courts will be in charge for their resolution.